AI lie detector will grill travelers on EU border

Nov 05, 2018, 7:12 AM EST
(Source: Bas Leenders/flickr)
(Source: Bas Leenders/flickr)

When you lie, your face often betrays. A lie detector, powered by artificial intelligence, has been roped in by three European Union countries, Hungary, Greece and Latvia, which will “read” travelers’ faces as they answer its questions on the border checkpoint.

The AI system, deployed as part of a six-month trial project “iBorderCtrl,” can spot 38 micro-gestures and other facial patterns, believed to be the signs of lying, notes The Independent.

The “deception detection” system, which appears as a computer animation of a border guard, however, fails to impress tech experts, who dismiss it as “pseudoscience,” writes The Guardian.

Bruno Verschuere, a senior lecturer in forensic psychology at the University of Amsterdam, contends that there is scientific evidence to back a correlation between micro-gestures and lying, which is the very foundation of this AI system.