Google workers walk out over sexist treatment of women

Nov 01, 2018, 6:44 AM EDT
Google employees across the world demand a raft of changes in how the firm deals with sexual harassment allegations.
(Source: Curt Johnson/flickr)

Google workers around the world staged a mass walkout on Thursday to protest the firm’s handling of sexual harassment scandals, demanding a raft of changes, including an end to the use of forced arbitration in cases of sexual misconduct and discrimination.

The unprecedented action by Google employees comes in the wake of a New York Times report, which claimed that the company gave a $90 million exit package to Andy Rubin despite finding sexual harassment allegations against him to be “credible,” writes the BBC.

Google has been struggling to pacify its workers since the New York Times report blew the lid off the company’s culture of brushing sexual allegations under the carpet or dealing with such scandals in a weak-kneed and opaque manner, reports Reuters.