It’s curtains for Brooklyn’s Signal Gallery

Oct 23, 2018, 8:29 AM EDT

Bushwick-based Signal Gallery, once described as an “art bellwether” by The New York Times Magazine, is closing on November 2 with a farewell celebration, entitled “No Signal.”

The gallery, which has hosted a string of performances, lectures, shows, and local events since it was set up by Mckenzie Ursch, A Johns and K Jacques in 2012, is the latest to succumb to a withering market interest in emerging arts and the financial rut that plagues many midsize New York galleries.

Lately, Signal hosted a group exhibition, entitled “GDPR: Group Display of Paintings & Renderings,” showcasing the works by  Sedrick Chisom, Alex Gardner, Haley Josephs, Kristina Lee, Paul Anthony Smith, and Margaux Valengin.