The cognitive benefits of growing up in greenery

Oct 22, 2018, 8:48 AM EDT
(Source: Rain0975/flickr)
(Source: Rain0975/flickr)

The children that grow up surrounded by greenery and natural world show better academic performance. Many studies back this conclusion but are yet to come up with a convincing reason behind the correlation. A new research, led by psychologist Eirini Flouri of University College London, is proposing an answer.

The findings, published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology, state that kids exposed to green spaces develop stronger Spatial Working Memory, which accounts for their better ability in solving problems using retained visual information, notes Pacific Standard.

Also, spending time in leafier, park-rich neighborhoods provides a much-needed escape from screens, thus reducing the burden on visual or auditory processing and restoring attentional resources, reports The Week.