Australia offers apology to child sexual abuse victims

Oct 22, 2018, 5:42 AM EDT
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “We believe you.”
(Source: Ali Mazhar/flickr)

In a rarity in the country’s history, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday delivered a formal apology to the victims of child sex abuse after a damning report last December revealed a crying exploitation of children across myriads of state-run institutions over decades.

The report, a result of five-year long inquiry and 8,000 testimonies from victims, lifted the lid on egregious sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children in Australia’s schools, sporting clubs, churches, charities and other institutions as the government failed to protect and believe the “forsaken” victims, notes the BBC.

Speaking in the House of Representatives, in the presence of victims, survivors and their families, a repentant Morrison said, “We believe you,” as the entire nation watched the proceedings of the live-streamed event, reports The Guardian.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten, who narrated the personal stories of victims, lamented that the abuse continues unabated in the organizations, adding that “what happens next,” would define the parliament’s true resolve to root out the evil.