Simone Leigh bags 2018 Hugo Boss Prize

Oct 19, 2018, 8:28 AM EDT
Simone Leigh (extreme right) gives a lecture to the New York Arts Practicum.
(Source: Arts Practicum/flickr)

Brooklyn-based artist Simone Leigh has been awarded the Guggenheim Museum’s prestigious Hugo Boss Prize for her persistent, “unwavering” efforts in highlighting the issues facing black women via ceramics, a humble medium that has long languished in the shadows in the mainstream art world.

Leigh, over a span of more than 25 years, has used ceramics as a potent tool in probing the experiences and social histories of black women, treating them as both her central theme and the audience of her work, notes The New York Times.

In the U.S. art world, which is heavily lopsided towards “white and male” since its inception, and with an “out-of-favor” medium such as ceramics, Leigh has remained a relatively anonymous name in the country’s art fraternity despite exhibiting regularly since the early 2000s, reports Hyper Allergic.