Startup proposes to buy a threatened forest to save it

Oct 14, 2018, 11:53 AM EDT
(Source: andi_heuser/flickr)
(Source: andi_heuser/flickr)

RWE, a major energy company in Germany, seems hell-bent on razing the 10 percent remnants of once-verdant Hambach Forest to expand its coal surface mining but a non-profit Berlin tech startup, Ecosia, isn’t giving up the hope.

The search engine proposes to buy the threatened slice of the woodland for €1 million to preserve it. The forest is home to 142 species, of which 13 are endangered, meaning that deforestation could be devastating for the local ecosystem, releasing carbon dioxide while adding more fuel to a dirty coal industry, reports Fast Company.  

RWE, the owner of the forest since 1978, has temporarily halted felling the trees after a court order but could resume logging once the final verdict is out, which is why Ecosia seeks to take ownership of the land and avert what it calls a catastrophe for the local ecosystem, notes The Guardian.