An email by hackers can swing election: Report

Oct 11, 2018, 7:31 AM EDT
(Source: Adam Baker/flickr)
(Source: Adam Baker/flickr)

Election security is under intense scrutiny ahead of America’s midterm polls. The latest report, by a group of technology and election experts, is highly skeptical of the country’s preparedness to conduct a secure and untampered email and online voting.

The report, entitled “Email and Internet Voting: The Overlooked Threat to Election Security,” warns that hackers can intercept voting data as it’s being transmitted, manipulate the votes and potentially flip an election without being even noticed, notes Fast Company.

The warnings from cybersecurity experts after the alleged election meddling of 2016 have fallen on deaf ears, and all decision-makers and actors – the state governments, Congress, and election system vendors – are caught foot-dragging, which is why federal courts may have to step in to safeguard the online election process, notes reports The Hill.