U.S. needs “silent green majority” to wield power

Oct 11, 2018, 7:17 AM EDT
(Source: Becker1999/flickr)
(Source: Becker1999/flickr)

More than 72 hours have elapsed since the United Nations’ terrifying report on an impending climate catastrophe hit the world hard, but U.S. President Donald Trump remains tight-lipped, encapsulating the brazenly ignorant and indifferent attitude of American politicians towards the planet.

Trump’s silence doesn’t come as a surprise but what does is the failure of a “silent green majority” in the U.S. to arm-twist the political leaders, who continue to shrug off environmental issues with impunity and absolutely no fear of voters, notes Mother Nature Network.

In 2015, Boston attorney and political advisor Nathaniel Stinnett, launched a one-of-its-kind initiative, the Environmental Voter Project (EVP), which identified the number of registered voters who rate environmental issues in top two in deciding their vote. Surprisingly, the figures run into millions involving diverse social groups including Latino, Asian and African-American people, but many of them do not vote.