Neurolawyer probes how brain study contours law

Oct 10, 2018, 8:11 AM EDT
(Source: affen ajlfe/flickr)
(Source: affen ajlfe/flickr)

Francis Shen, a University of Minnesota law school professor and expert at “neurolaw,” often frequents the fictional territories of transhuman cyborgs, terrorists taking over brain implants in others, brainwave lie detectors and the likes.

Shen, who examines how neuroscience is contouring the law and public policies, believes our legal system will need a radical transformation as brain science advances and lets the jurors peer into, say a criminal’s mind, before granting them bail, writes

Just like DNA samples, neuroscientific evidence by means of brain scans could bring a seismic shift in the very character and dynamics of our legal system, whereby the authorities cut reliance on others’ observations and instead peg their decisions on what the brain circuitry suggests, reports The Mercury.