AI gets better at generating images - should we be worried?

Oct 08, 2018, 8:37 AM EDT

Recently, the researchers at Google subsidiary DeepMind and Heriot-Watt University unveiled an AI program that creates pictures of food, landscapes and pets, which are hardly distinguishable from the ones captured by a camera.

On the face of it, the development marks yet another victory by AI and perhaps for humans, but are we trading off too much when we allow the technology to reimagine the nature, equipping it with capabilities that may come to haunt us back, say via advanced versions of “Deepfakes,” reports Venture Beat

Digitally altered videos and photos are already instilling a sense of nervousness in U.S. lawmakers, who last month wrote a letter to Director of National Intelligence, urging an investigation into “Deepfakes,” which blur the line between fact and fiction and aid dissemination of misinformation and propaganda, notes Fortune.