Brain scans could tell if you’re skilled for a job

Oct 05, 2018, 7:38 AM EDT
(Source: Steven Depolo/flickr)
(Source: Steven Depolo/flickr)

You may fail to impress an intimidating panel of interviewers but your skills and the corresponding neural activity in your brain could still bag you the coveted job. A new study suggests that brain scans can be decisive tools in identifying whether a person is skilled for a role or not.

As part of the experiment, researchers scanned the brain activity of proficient and the novice surgeons as they performed their regular tasks, notes Mail Online. The brain scans, analyzed by machine learning systems, showed differences in neural activity for the two sets of volunteers, offering a new way of sizing up professionals with less room for subjectivity and inconsistencies.

The technology is still in the embryonic stage but sets the stage for candidate assessments based on brain scans, especially in the selections for skill-based jobs like airline pilots and doctors, reports BGR.