Can electricity restore the Great Barrier Reef?

Oct 02, 2018, 7:48 AM EDT
(Source: harum.koh/flickr)
(Source: harum.koh/flickr)

An environmental group, called Reef Ecologic, wants to literally power up the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Since coral regeneration is a laboriously slow process by nature, the group plans to stimulate coral growth using electricity, a process that has already been trialed in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia.

The reluctance among the ecologists to tinker with nature is gradually melting away into radical restoration efforts as warming temperatures set off mass coral bleaching across the world. The proposed approach involves passing current through steel frames submerged in the seawater, triggering chemical reactions that cause limestone to grow on the structure, notes IFL Science.

The “biorocks” technique poses no threat to humans and the surrounding marine life but has its  own logistics challenges in running low-voltage cables from the shore to reefs, reports Value Walk.