China’s change of heart on artificial intelligence

Sep 27, 2018, 8:17 AM EDT
(Source: IBM Research/flickr)
(Source: IBM Research/flickr)

Last year, China put forth an ambitious and aggressive vision to lead and dominate the global artificial intelligence space within the span of next 10 years, but the self-centered, reserved approach is gradually melting away as Beijing’s top brass begins to value international cooperation.

Addressing the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai earlier this month, China’s vice premier, Liu He, called on all countries to work like “a global village” for the development, advancement and governance of AI, writes MIT Technology Review.

Beijing’s shift appears to be motivated by its desire to lead and guide the global discussions on the standards and norms for AI technology transfer, data privacy, surveillance and other tricky issues, just like the U.S. has dictated the course for other technologies.

The softening of China’s stance on AI offers a window of opportunity to American companies, which can tap the countries huge market with their top global AI talent, notes Livemint.