Meaty matters: Warming climate turns pigs frail

Sep 25, 2018, 8:27 AM EDT
(Source: credit_00/flickr)
(Source: credit_00/flickr)

Last month, a report suggested that a warming planet, due to human-driven climate change, could be hit by low crop yields as pests thrive with high metabolic rates. Now, a new study shows that a warming climate won’t spare even pork lovers.

As temperatures soar past 25 degree Celsius, pigs tend to store less proteins and also their fertility suffers, which not only reduces meat production but also drives up the cost of raising pigs, reports Scientific American.

The problem isn’t serious for strong economies like the U.S., which can afford to invest in sophisticated cooling technologies, but a drop in pork supplies in tropical countries such as Vietnam and Philippines could threaten food security.