France plans infrastructure overhaul to triple cycle use

Sep 21, 2018, 8:06 AM EDT
(Source: Antoine K/flickr)
(Source: Antoine K/flickr)

Cycling accounts for merely 3 percent of transportation in France, a scenario that’s likely to change with a new ambitious plan unveiled by the country’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe earlier this week.

With its sight set on tripling the share of cycling in transport within seven years, France has appropriated 350 million euros to improve and expand bike lanes, to reward bicycle commuters and crackdown against bike theft, writes Inhabitat.

Olivier Schneider, head of French Bike Users Federation FUB, rued the fact that the proposed spending is far short than 200 million euros per year, which was promised by President Emmanuel Macron, but admitted it could be a good beginning push, notes France 24.