Majority of Americans has faith in Green New Deal

Sep 20, 2018, 8:01 AM EDT
(Source: Mark Klotz/flickr)
(Source: Mark Klotz/flickr)

Most Americans don’t subscribe to the mealy-mouthed politics around climate change and believe that new jobs can be created while transitioning to a low carbon economy, according to a research by think tank Data for Progress.

A Green New Deal, which is a program focused on razing the U.S. carbon footprint, creating clean energy jobs and completely ridding the country’s economy and environment of fossil fuels, enjoys a majoritarian support and couldn’t be far maturing into a legislation as Congress welcomes more progressives in 2018, notes Earther.

The wider endorsement for a Green New Deal is a message for Democrats that “a sustainable and just environmental plan” is both a good policy as well as good politics, writes The Nation.