How brands and science are fighting fast fashion

Sep 19, 2018, 8:15 AM EDT
(Source: Jason Hargrove/flickr)
(Source: Jason Hargrove/flickr)

Fast fashion hurts the environment in manifold ways. The discards not only pile up in the landfills but the sheer pace and volume at which these pieces of clothing are produced guzzle huge amount of electricity and water only to give back carbon emissions and water pollution.

Fashion brands, designers and researchers are converging to think of innovative ways to make fashion more sustainable and one such effort includes bioengineering eco-friendly textiles from living organisms such as bacteria, algae, yeast, animal cells or fungi, writes Scientific American.

These clothing items roll out in “near-complete” form with no need for factory assembly and easily break down into non-toxic elements when eventually discarded.

The idea of sustainable fashion is gaining traction in the U.S. as revealed by a recent survey, which found that 25 percent of the respondents valued attributes such as “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” “organic” or “ethical” when purchasing garments, notes Entrepreneur.