AI tries Improv comedy & it’s a butt of jokes now

Sep 19, 2018, 7:26 AM EDT
(Source: Dean Johnson/flickr)
(Source: Dean Johnson/flickr)

If you’ve been subjected to bland Improv comedy by humans, a new AI program could make you respect those flawed folks for their modest efforts. As part of an intriguing experiment, Kory Mathewson, an AI researcher at the University of Alberta, fed an algorithm with subtitles from hundreds of thousands of movies and trained it to dish out its own lines in an improv performance.

Three humans, with one of them repeating the lines provided by the AI, performed in front of the audience that said they could identify the bot’s lines, for they seemed to be coming from a “completely drunk comedian” who was only “accidentally funny,” reports Mental Floss.

The use of AI technology to produce work of art or comedy sparks alarm, but the attempt isn’t new, as is evident from a program developed by the University of Edinburgh in 1990s to produce question-based puns, writes The New York Times.