Russia blames Israel after its plane shot down in Syria

Sep 18, 2018, 7:24 AM EDT
(Source: Михаил Поляков/flickr)
(Source: Михаил Поляков/flickr)

The Russian defense ministry has criticized Israel’s “deliberate provocation” after one of its military planes, with 15 people onboard, was accidentally shot down by allied Syrian forces in Latakia province on Monday.

Russia accused Israeli fighter jets of using its aircraft as cover for targeting areas in the Syrian province and in the process forcing the Russian plane into the path of Syrian air defense systems, notes The Guardian.

The Israeli military refused to comment on “foreign reports” sticking to its conventional policy of rarely acknowledging that it carries out air strikes in Syria, reports the BBC. Moscow denounced Israel’s “irresponsible action” warning that it reserves the right to respond to the breach of “the spirit of Russian-Israeli partnership.