California’s far-fetched dream of 100% green electricity

Sep 10, 2018, 7:53 AM EDT
(Source: petter palander/flickr)
(Source: petter palander/flickr)

Climate activists are all praise for California’s recent move to pass a bill that requires the state to source all its electricity from renewables by the end of 2045, but the economics of the transition could be the biggest roadblock.

An assessment by MIT energy researchers suggests that relying solely on renewables like solar and wind, backed up with batteries, could be too expensive a model to decarbonize the grid, given the intermittent nature of these energy sources, writes MIT Technology Review.

In order to offset the unreliable nature of renewable power supply, a huge number of storage units and additional renewable generation would be required, which could bloat the operational costs exponentially.

Robert Bryce, a senior fellow from the Manhattan Institute, is highly skeptic of the success of California’s push for renewable energy, adding that the transition would overburden the consumers, notes Fox Business.