New Australian PM brazens out opposition’s hostility

Sep 10, 2018, 7:26 AM EDT
Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison attempted to wash his hands of the Turnbull coup.

Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison endured a grilling Question Time in the parliament, with the opposition being unsparing about his legitimacy as the head of the government even as polls show that voters take a dim view of the coalition’s “deranged bloodletting.”

The opposition Labor party’s relentless attempts to debate the ousting of former PM Malcolm Turnbull, which could have led to a vote of confidence, failed against a united center-right government, notes Reuters.

According to Australia’s prominent Newspoll in The Australian newspaper, the “fragile show of unity” didn’t elicit a favorable response from the voters with Labor posting the 40th straight poll win leading 56 to 44.

Morrison’s answer that he is serving as the leader of the Liberal party on the decision of the parliamentary party is an attempt to wash his hands of the Turnbull coup, writes The Guardian.