“You are not born with a social brain, you grow one.”

Sep 07, 2018, 8:30 AM EDT
(Source: Anupam_ts/flickr)
(Source: Anupam_ts/flickr)

A new paper released by neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett upends a long-held perception that brain circuitry for social affiliation is hardwired at birth and hence is identical for the entire human race.

Presenting a new framework to understand social behavior, Lisa suggests that babies are born without a social brain and instead develop the circuitry for social bonding during infancy and childhood, molded by their emotional, social and cultural environment, notes Northeastern.

The radical framework births the possibility that people from different cultures and economic backgrounds could have different brain wiring. The new framework, however, credits millions of years of evolution for imparting certain universal traits to newborn born, reports India New England News.