Study: Conscious feelings rise from bodily sensations

Sep 04, 2018, 8:38 AM EDT
(Source: Josep Ma. Rosell/flickr)
(Source: Josep Ma. Rosell/flickr)

Is it possible that consciousness, as we understand it, might have evolved from something basic to advanced? A study by a group of Finnish researchers indicates a likely path for this evolution as it claims a significant role of our bodily sensations in the formation of our subjective feelings.

Our consciousness, although a result of brain functions and largely “housed” in our brain, is partly determined by our bodily feedback, notes Science Daily. The study explains consciousness as an ability developed by organisms to sense tissue damage and well-being, which later evolved to give rise to language, thinking and reasoning.

The study demonstrates a strong embodiment of cognitive and emotional states while illuminating the relationship between our subjective well-being and bodily states, reports Deccan Chronicle.