Trump warns of “violence” if GOP loses mid-term polls

Aug 29, 2018, 6:38 AM EDT
U.S. President Donald Trump appealed to conservative Christian leaders to support him make or break election.
(Source: Michael Vadon/flickr)

In a closed-door meeting with Evangelical leaders, U.S. President Donald Trump projected the upcoming midterms in November as a make or break election, warning that a loss for the Republicans could result in “left-wing violence.”  

Trump, with his popularity waning in the wake of the convictions of his ex-lawyer and former campaign chief, urged conservative Christian groups to support him to win the midterm polls, adding that “they” will end everything immediately, apparently alluding to Congressional Democrats, writes the BBC.

Critics point out at the similarity between Trump’s remarks and the political advertisements by the right-wing National Rifle Association that last year circulated a video portraying Trump-dissenters and the entire American left as “violent thugs,” reports The Guardian.