What a save! AI predicting injuries for football teams

Aug 10, 2018, 7:48 AM EDT
(Source: Ronnie Macdonald/flickr)
(Source: Ronnie Macdonald/flickr)

An Italian football team, which doesn’t want to be identified, is employing an artificial intelligence algorithm that keeps a close eye on players’ data and predicts when players are likely to sustain injuries.

The machine-learning algorithm, fed with datasets like the running speed, acceleration, impact on the ground, etc. foretold nine out of the 14 injuries for the players of an elite Italian football squad, notes writes New Scientist.

The technology is yet another example of how AI can assist support staff in planning rests or training load for individual players based on advance alerts, reports Metro News. Traditional methods of injury prediction typically rely on a single variable and hence show abysmal accuracy levels of not more than five percent.