Bring back deported asylum seekers: Judge orders U.S.

Aug 10, 2018, 6:48 AM EDT
(Source: Fibonacci Blue/flickr)
(Source: Fibonacci Blue/flickr)

A federal judge in the U.S. gave a sharp rebuke to the Trump government for deporting a migrant mother and her daughter to Central America mid-appeal and ordered the authorities to take back the duo, believed to have fled “sexual and gang violence.”

The judge, Emmet Sullivan, slammed the move to spirit away the migrants while their case was being heard at a U.S. court as “unacceptable,” and threatened to hold the U.S. attorney general, Jeff Sessions, in contempt of the judiciary, notes The Guardian.

Recently, the U.S. drew flak at home and globally for its hardline migrant policy, under which immigrant children were split from their parents at the U.S. border and held separately during the trial, reports the BBC.