Island where skeptics met climate change first-hand

Aug 08, 2018, 7:18 AM EDT
(Source: J. Albert Bowden II/flickr)
(Source: J. Albert Bowden II/flickr)

A climate activist who has locked horns with a climate change skeptic knows it’s easier to bail out the ocean with a bucket than convincing a “denier.”  A community of about 450 residents in Tangier Island, which voted overwhelmingly for U.S. President Donald Trump – the epitome of climate change denial, is learning the harsh reality the hard way.

Little doubts are left that the sea level rise is chewing off 15 feet of the island’s coastline every year, debunking the propaganda of “climate change conspiracy theories” that the natives have been fed with for long, reports WUWM.

The last resort for coastal communities, although “unthinkable,” is to surrender to rising seas and retreat to safer places, which is already happening in New Jersey's Delaware Bay, writes Scientific American.