Climate change & space between facts & factoids

Aug 07, 2018, 7:39 AM EDT
(Source: Molly Adams/flickr)
(Source: Molly Adams/flickr)

The euphoria over climate change drives so-called “deniers” crazy, a feeling mutually reciprocated on both sides for the two ends of the debate. How often a dialogue beginning with a rational argument evaporates into aggressive, vitriolic and personal slurs with subtle factoids slipped into angry outbursts, only to digress the subject and dilute the gravity of an otherwise serious issue.

While those who relish outrightly dismissing the occurrence of climate change are living on a different planet, those championing the cause must learn to differentiate between facts and factoids. The “urge to catastrophize” climate change, wittingly or unwittingly, seems to be stemming from the belief that people would care only when they are scared of destruction, notes Scientific American.

The stakes are high for many players who tend to lose big in the war against climate change, a reason why misinformation and disinformation are peddled online and on influential circuits to create confusion, to widen the rift between two sides of the debate and to deliberately intertwine facts and factoids, writes Deutsche Welle.