Our planet could plunge into a “hothouse” state

Aug 07, 2018, 7:12 AM EDT
(Source: Fredrik Thommesen/flickr)
(Source: Fredrik Thommesen/flickr)

Within centuries, the Earth’s own natural protective forces could turn into ravaging foes, plunging the planet into a “hothouse” state characterized by boiling hot temperatures and towering seas, warns an international team of researchers.

The researchers fear that the human efforts to slash carbon emissions once the Earth is struck by the cascading effect of melting ice, warming seas, shifting currents and dying forests would go in vain, writes The Guardian.

According to the study, this state of irreversible damage could come into effect as the global temperatures rise by 2C, notes the BBC. The “Hothouse Earth” will have its fate hinged entirely to natural forces with humans having absolutely no control, unlike today.