Plastic never dies; for worse it leaks methane

Aug 03, 2018, 8:37 AM EDT
(Source: USFWS - Pacific Region/flickr)
(Source: USFWS - Pacific Region/flickr)

When the world struggles to find new ways of stopping the rot perpetuated by plastics, an “accidental discovery” adds insult to injuries. Little did young researcher Sarah-Jeanne Royer know that she would stumble upon methane emissions from decaying plastics on an outing to track greenhouse gases.

The unexpected discovery throws an uncomforting revelation that the plastics we are discarding are not only polluting and choking our marine biology but adding immensely to the warming gases in our environment, writes the BBC.

The sheer volume of decaying plastics in oceanic and terrestrial regions could significantly inflate climate-relevant trace gases, such as methane and ethylene, eventually affecting global temperatures, sea level, and ecosystems, reports Science Daily.