The “meat of the matter” in China’s climate war

Aug 02, 2018, 7:38 AM EDT
(Source: Jorge Gonzalez/flickr)
(Source: Jorge Gonzalez/flickr)

China’s insatiable appetite for meat is apparently weighing down its war on climate change. The country gobbles up nearly 28 percent of the world’s meat, twice the amount consumed by the U.S., and the trend shows no signs of a downturn.

Rearing animals as a source of meat makes a multifold contribution to climate-changing emissions, giving China a headache over how to meet its burgeoning demands without undermining its commitment to stem greenhouse gas emissions, notes Undark.

To be fair to China, its per capita meat consumption is still half compared to that of the U.S., but the sheer size of its population amplifies the environmental consequences to mammoth proportions even with a slight uptick in individual meat intake, reports