New York judge scraps lawsuit against Big Oil

Jul 23, 2018, 8:03 AM EDT
(Source: Jörg Schubert/flickr)
(Source: Jörg Schubert/flickr)

“Climate change is a fact of life,” but not a subject to be dealt up by courts, ruled a federal judge last week as he dismissed New York city’s lawsuit seeking pecuniary compensation from fossil fuel companies that drive climate change.

Judge John F. Keenan noted that the lawsuit covers emissions, which falls in the purview of Clean Air Act, in turn governed by regulatory power of the president and Congress, writes Wired.

The verdict comes within a month after a similar lawsuit against oil companies suffered the same fate in San Francisco, notes The New York Times. Judge Keenan ruled that the problem of climate change is of global magnitude, requiring “uniform, national solution” from political branches of the government and not the judiciary.