The flipside of U.N.-Google tie-up for climate research

Jul 23, 2018, 7:49 AM EDT
(Source: Martin Laco/flickr)
(Source: Martin Laco/flickr)

Tech superpower Google has agreed on a collaboration with the United Nations’ environmental agency for a project that would facilitate the sharing of valuable environmental data across the world.

In the first phase of this tie-up, Google will produce maps and real-time data on freshwater ecosystems, which shelter nearly 10 percent of Earth’s species, sharing them on a platform accessible anywhere by anyone for research related to climate change, writes Futurism.

The satellite-data sharing partnership between the two is just what the doctor ordered at a time when global funds for climate change research are shrinking, notes The Outline. The private-public partnerships of this model risk letting in corporate motivations from backdoor threatening scientific independence.