Energy-positive trend booms in Norway buildings

Jul 21, 2018, 6:44 AM EDT
(Source: Hayes)
(Source: Hayes)

Powerhouse, a coalition of architects, engineers, developers and designers in Norway, is spearheading an ambitious drive to build architectural structures that produce more energy than they consume in their lifetime.

A small school in Drøbak, Norway, built by Powerhouse, is a classic exhibition of how the group seeks to achieve its mission of making every new building in the country an energy-positive structure, reports

The school is designed in adherence to “form follows environment” principle with solar panels jutting out of the roofs to capture solar energy and another system in place to tap geothermal power.

The Svart hotel, nested on a section of the Arctic Circle, is designed on the same concept, with its circular architecture virtually chasing the last rays of Sun and a combination of angled windows holding the shadows to minimize air conditioning need, reports Mental Floss.