AI could create 550k jobs in Scotland by 2037

Jul 18, 2018, 8:18 AM EDT
(Source: Bruno Cordioli/flickr)
(Source: Bruno Cordioli/flickr)

A surge in productivity and income levels driven by innovation in sectors such as robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles could create 558,000 jobs in Scotland by 2037 against 544,000 jobs that would be lost due to automation during the same period.

In contrast to dozens of highly-cited reports in the past that view artificial intelligence more as a job destroyer, the latest report by professional services firm PwC bifurcates the areas likely to benefit from the technology and the ones set to lose on employment, reports the BBC.

Euan Cameron, U.K. AI leader at PwC, says those with strong digital skills, creativity and teamwork will have an upper hand in the “fourth industrial revolution,” hence the governments must have a plan in place to equip people with skills for the future, notes BQ.