This robot literally wears its emotions on its skin

Jul 17, 2018, 8:23 AM EDT
(Source: Adrian Tombu/flickr)
(Source: Adrian Tombu/flickr)

You may not have seen a robot fuming over a lingering snag or oozing joy for whatever reason. Very soon, that may not be a rare sight, courtesy Cornell University researchers who have developed a robot that displays its “emotions” on its skin.

The idea to devise a robot that gives off non-verbal cues through its outer surface stems from the philosophy that robots need not be copies of humans and rather be modeled on other species from the animal world for interaction in their own distinct way, notes Science Daily.  

Existing robots rely on facial expressions and gestures to communicate about their internal state but adding a texture-changing skin, with both haptic and visual response, could expand the realm of social interaction for these machines, reports R&D.