U.S. people and media are poles apart on climate change

Jul 16, 2018, 8:58 AM EDT
(Source: NASA ICE/flickr)
(Source: NASA ICE/flickr)

More and more Americans are beginning to accept a direct correlation between extreme weather experiences and human-caused global warming but the American media, for strange reasons, remains shy of mentioning the phrase “climate change” in its broadcasts.

In a recent survey by the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College, 60 percent Americans accepted that global warming is happening, up from 58 percent last year, which shows acceptance of climate change is being shaped up by record-smashing heatwaves this May, notes Earther.

The divide on partisan lines over climate change also hovers around record levels with 78 percent of Democrats viewing humans as partially responsible for climate change against 35 percent Republicans sharing the same notion, writes University of Michigan.