World’s first robot citizen talks of consciousness

Jul 12, 2018, 7:04 AM EDT
Sophia, the robot, knows she lacks generative, creative skills.
(Source: Web Summit/flickr)

Sophia, a humanoid robot who shot to fame last year after bagging Saudi Arabian citizenship, has since come a long way, and apart from closely replicating the human mannerisms, facial expressions and speech patterns, she has learned to dodge abrupt, hypothetical questions.

Speaking at a festival of the future called Brain Bar in Budapest, Hungary, Sophia impressed the audience with her quick-witted replies on her own gender, pricking curious minds with a reasonable question – can she somehow be conscious, notes Live Science.  

Sophia is, by no means snobbish, as she admits lacking generative, creative abilities and self-awareness. Sophia, with her looks borrowed from humanoid robot Ava from the movie “Ex Machina” may be female but it isn’t feminist with the way it emphasizes woman’s beauty while sidestepping more important things, writes Venture Beat.