Trapped Thai boys “learning to dive” as flood threat looms

Jul 04, 2018, 7:28 AM EDT
(Source: AP Photo/Financial Express)
(Source: AP Photo/Financial Express)

The authorities have released a new video that shows 12 trapped Thai boys and their coach in good health and “learning to dive” as rescuers race against time to free them amid warnings that a storm could “fully flood” the cave.

The rescuers plan to give rudimentary training to the teenagers so they can be safely escorted out by divers, failing which an approaching storm may flood the Tham Luang cave by Friday, cutting all supplies and contact lines with them, notes The Guardian.

The video showed the boys in good health and safe conditions after primary treatment by a military doctor, writes the BBC. Outside the cave, a team of medics is rehearsing in case the group is evacuated soon while other teams are scouring other routes into - and out of - the cave.