Pepper the robot lands new job at a New York bank

Jun 27, 2018, 8:25 AM EDT
(Source: Collision Conf/flickr)
(Source: Collision Conf/flickr)

HSBC’s main branch on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan welcomes visitors to a glimpse of the “branch of the future” with Pepper the robot, entertaining queries from customers, providing relevant information and directing them to the right staff for further assistance.

Pepper, launched by Japanese telecoms giant SoftBank and French robotics firm Aldebaran SAS in 2015, is far from disrupting the customer service sector but as technology advances, its skills and ability to perform specific tasks will expand, notes TechCrunch.

While novelty adds to Pepper’s appeal at various sites including airports, stores, banks etc., maintaining high engagement levels with visitors remains a challenge once it’s around in common gaze in routine, reports Digital Trends.