Startup explores the role of neuroscience in fashion

Jun 25, 2018, 8:58 AM EDT
(Source: SUPERADRIANME/flickr)
(Source: SUPERADRIANME/flickr)

Arigami, a London-based research consultancy company, is leveraging neuroscience to pave way for fashion retail stores that resonate on an emotional level. The company brings retailers, scientists and technologists under one roof with the aim of improving multisensory engagement in any brand by understanding the dynamics of human senses.

Founder Ari Peralta explains that companies have been overly relying on data science to weave stories for brand building however the approach is flawed as it leaves out the story of desires and subconscious and hence lacks any sensor stimulation, notes Forbes.

Ian Rheeder, master neuroscientist, says connecting with every potential customer at an emotional, one-on-one level and invoking a favorable feeling is key to survival for retail sector, reports EPROP.