Can this banana skin fabric trip unsustainable fashion?

Jun 21, 2018, 7:32 AM EDT
(Source: Brendan C/flickr)
(Source: Brendan C/flickr)

When the world is going bananas over food waste, pollution and unsustainable practices across industries, including fashion, a tech startup, called Circular Systems, is blazing a trail by spinning fabrics from seemingly useless fibers such as banana peels and hemp stalks.

Nearly 270 million tons of banana waste – from peels to stalks – is either burnt to pollute air or left to rot, adding climate-warming methane to the atmosphere, notes Fast Company. Instead of discarding this leftover, it can be spun into textiles, which is what Circular Systems does.

Circular Systems, which recently bagged $350,000 Global Change Award grant from the H&M Foundation, is collaborating with leading fashion brands offering them sustainable alternatives like pineapple “leather,” reports Mental Floss.