You can bring robots to heel with your thoughts

Jun 21, 2018, 7:14 AM EDT
(Source: Zhao !/flickr)
(Source: Zhao !/flickr)

Speculative minds are obsessed with an inevitable robot takeover with intelligent machines defying their masters. If and when that man-machine war breaks out, humans will have an advantage courtesy the latest breakthrough that lets an individual control a robot with just their brainwaves.

Baxter, the mind-reading robot developed by America’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology, marks a step forward towards building robotic systems that are more natural and intuitive extensions of humans, notes Express.

This robot reads the signals in its owner’s brain and hands over its control on realizing that its errors are bothering the master, reports Popular Mechanics. The technology appeals as it pushes the machine to adapt to your thoughts instead of the other way round.

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