Africa’s budding AI field gets boost from Google

Jun 19, 2018, 8:59 AM EDT
(Source: Guido Sohne/flickr)
(Source: Guido Sohne/flickr)

Google recently announced that it will open an artificial intelligence research center in Ghana’s capital Accra, a move aimed at pooling the technology talent from local universities and research centers to promote the development and application of new age tech in the African continent.

While Nairobi and nearby Lagos were the frontrunners for the first African AI research center, the tech giant preferred Accra for its strong ecosystem of local universities and its proximity to a branch of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, writes Quartz.

Among other names, Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and Rwandan capital Kigali are also taking rapid strides in tech development, projecting them as tech hubs, notes CNBC.