China’s surveillance tech peeps into workers’ head

Jun 18, 2018, 6:58 AM EDT
(Source: sodai gomi/flickr)
(Source: sodai gomi/flickr)

A dystopian future where your thoughts are no more private but on display for an authoritarian regime to pick and quell any dissent isn’t a figment of imagination, given the new invasions by China’s surveillance technology.

The country is sponsoring a project that lets supervisors monitor workers’ brainwaves using an “emotional surveillance” system, notes Futurism. The system, already in place at a dozen of Chinese factories and businesses, picks signs of distress, rage or anxiety through sensors embedded in workers’ hats or helmets.

While the technology doesn’t decipher thoughts yet its potential applications, like gauging people’s emotional reaction to a leader’s speech or mood-based targeted advertising, send a shiver down the spine about how penetrative surveillance could get in routine lives, reports Fast Company.