An AI algorithm turns video into 3D augment reality

Jun 13, 2018, 8:28 AM EDT
(Source: RoboCup2013/flickr)
(Source: RoboCup2013/flickr)

Soccer season is setting in. The World Cup teams are rearing to hit the pitch and fans have already taken guard. For a majority of sports fanatic, who won’t make it to electrifying stadiums, their flat 2D screens would be all the bliss.

While capturing the mood of live action in a closed room is next to impossible, replicating the same in 3D augmented reality might happen this time. Researchers at the University of Washington have tailored an algorithm that needs just a video feed of the action to transform the 2D clips into 3D reconstructions to be viewed using AR headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens, writes Digital Trends.

While the machine learning algorithm is still a work-in-progress, it shows the future of sports viewing, where fans would sit in their living rooms catching all the action from differing angles in a highly immersive experience.