Plastic not a throwaway but a fuel source: Study

Jun 13, 2018, 8:10 AM EDT
(Source: Bo Eide/flickr)
(Source: Bo Eide/flickr)

Any kind of plastic eventually streams its way into landfill sites or oceans lying there, disturbing the marine biology and entering in traces into the food chains to haunt back its evil creators. Getting rid of this menace in an environmentally safe and sustainable way is painstakingly difficult and an elusive chase yet.

A team of researchers at the Earth Engineering Center (EEC|CCNY) at the Grove School of Engineering of the City College of New York has proposed a solution for converting plastics into usable fuels, a model that would not only wean the society of a polluting source but help meet its energy demands, notes Inhabitat.

In a separate development, IIT-Madras researchers also unveiled a prototype that turns plastic into usable energy using solar power, reports Deccan Chronicle.