Google manifesto reassures it won't use AI in weapons

Jun 08, 2018, 8:54 AM EDT
Google CEO Sundar Pichai laid down seven guiding principles of the internet giant's AI ventures.
(Source: Maurizio Pesce/flickr)

Google has been in the firing line after the news of its collaboration with Pentagon over a hush-hush AI-driven military project broke recently.

The internet giant’s CEO Sundar Pichai has come forward to lay the apprehensions and anxieties to rest with a new policy document that reassures its artificial technology programs won’t be designed or deployed for weapons and surveillance, notes Engadget.

The manifesto categorically mentioned the prohibited uses of AI, however leaving space for maneuvering the commitment in favor of material harm, if the benefits substantially outweigh the risks. This set of seven guiding principles for Google may evolve and expand in accordance with growing understanding of a new technology like AI, reports Android Police.