G7 leaders spar over tariffs signaling fiery summit ahead

Jun 08, 2018, 7:47 AM EDT
French President Emmanuel Macron called on other G7 members to stand up to the U.S. "hegemony."
(Source: arif_shamim/flickr)

The leaders of the G7 group landed in Canada for what is expected to be a bitter summit amid open resentment against the U.S. “hegemony” following President Donald Trump’s decision to impose steel tariffs on trade allies.

French President Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, urged other G7 leaders to not temper their joint communiqué at the end of the summit just for Trump’s approval, notes The Guardian.

Trump didn’t mince his words in a twitter burst that blasted Canadian trade policy for hurting the U.S. trade, notes the BBC. The U.S. president is expected to be confronted on abandoning the landmark Iran deal and his policies antithetical to climate fight.

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